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The exercise reins are a classic among the auxiliary reins and are an indispensable part of the vaulting sport. This version is simple in design and looks great both in training and at the show.

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These exercise reins do not have rubber rings, which has the advantage that the auxiliary reins are therefore quite light. They simplify a pleasant contact, as the exercise reins do not jerk into the horse's mouth when in motion. The weight is also reduced to a necessary amount due to the narrow width of the leather. This makes it much easier for any type of horse to push off from the bit. The absence of rubber rings has the further advantage that the horse does not try to stretch the rubber ring and thus does not work unnecessarily in the lower neck. The bindings have a hook at each end, which makes it easy to attach them to any lungeing or vaulting harness and bit. The clever buckling system means that there is no need to tighten the leather ends.


  • Pair of exercise reins
  • Buffalo leather
  • leather colour: white
  • tested in daily training
  • compatible with all common bridles and lunging harnesses
  • width: 16mm
  • length: 1,20m
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